Red Carpet Rampage

Red Carpet Rampage

This is very silly idea the came up over a pub conversation early in 2016, ahead of the then topical upcoming Oscar awards.

It’s a free-to-play arcade-style web game that puts you in the shoes of Leonardo DiCaprio as he sprints down the red carpet on his much-anticipated quest for Oscar glory.

Put together by myself, Bjorn-Erik Aschim, and Sam Taylor, it marks The Line’s first venture into the world of games and a fun experiment in incredibly rapid development.


It’s can be played here in any desktop or mobile browser.

While the gameplay is addictive, it’s the detail and humour of each challenge that pay dividends for players. — The Hollywood Reporter

Rapid Design

Red Carpet Rampage is a fairly uncommon artefact as a topical video game, based around events contemporary to its development and release the idea of making a game or website was raised roughly 4 weeks before the Oscar ceremony, which gave us a tight window in which to deliver a surprisingly complete and feature full experience about events AS they happened.

oscar gundam Shot05.jpg

Comedy is always hard to deliver in a video game, but Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage nails it. — Mashable

Playful jamming

As such development took a very freeform shape. The goal here was to surprise and delight, so the game is crammed full of jokes, references, mini games and gameplay twists. Additionally all of these twists also had to work perfectly in browsers and on mobile, so with a simple collection of input verbs, we have players switching from running and jumping, to writing essays, catching snowflakes, fighting bears and taking down enormous Oscar themed robots, among many more, all within seconds of each other.

While it may seem random and chaotic, we put a lot of thought and design work into curating and designing these elements into a complete an coherent user experience.

oscar gundam Shot05.jpg
Shot03-1.jpg nominee

Although most analysts seem to think that this is the year Leo finally catches his illusive Oscar, would it really be so bad if he didn’t and “Red Carpet Rampage” became a runaway franchise hit? — Variety