Max van der Merwe

Max van der Merwe

Hello!, I’m a London based Director, Designer, Prototyper, Programmer, Technical Artist and All Round Graphics Nerd, who has been working in the games and animation industry for well over a decade now! I’ve worked on award winners, viral sensations, big and small projects and have done so in a wide variety of different roles.

Work In Animation

I’ve been working in the animation, games and related industries, primarily in london, since 2011.

In this time I have worked on a variety of commercial animation projects and short films for clients including

  • The BBC
  • The Line Animation
  • Electric Theatre Collective
  • Tandem Films
  • Blink Ink

Work In Games

I’ve shipped a variety of commercial games under a variety of different roles, each of these were multi year projects.

  • Lands End in 2015, as 3D artist Offical Page
  • Monument Valley 2 in 2017 as a technical artist and animator. Project Page
  • Assemble With Care in 2019 as a technical artist, graphics programmer and production artist. Project Page
  • Alba: A WildLife adventure in 2020 as a technical artist and graphics programmer. Project Page
  • Desta: The Memories Between 2022 as a designer, prototyper and technical artist. Project Page
  • Monument Valley 3, release TBC, as a technical artist.
  • Multiple unannounced and in development titles as a variety of roles, including director, designer and prototyper with both The Line Animation and ustwo Games.