Cargo (In Development)

Cargo (In Development)

Cargo is a cross-country car chase adventure game that I am directing, inspired by classic European cinema, comic books and animation, and employing a variety of novel procedural generation technologies, to generate beautiful landscapes on demand.

Rendered Image Rendered Image

Work in development, not representative of final product


It’s Grand Theft Auto meets Mario Kart

Cargo is an explosive, procedurally generated, run based car chase adventure, designed to throw you almost instantly into incredible and unlikely scenarios. We’ve spent a huge amount of time bending the physics engine to our will, creating a highly reactive, approachable and fun style of gameplay designed to highlight and exaggerate the drama of an over the top anime car chase.

CargoJump.gif CargoDriving.gif

Prototype Footage, not representative of final product.


Cargo is being built on a stack of novel procedural generation techniques, optimised towards creating believable stylised environments, and roads carefully tuned for optimal playability, while being able to generate instantly and progressively at runtime, while the game is being played.


We are using a combination of techniques, levels are orchestrated with large scale, constraint driven ‘wave function collapse’ solvers, terrain is formed using GPU based stamp, noise and erosion systems, and playable roads are laid out using a highly constrained variant of A* pathfinding.

These tools and systems are still in development, and I’m very excited to do a deep dive on how all of these systems work together in the future!